Queeries Speakers Program

What is the Queeries Speakers Program?

Queeries is a student lead speakers board that centers the personal experiences of trans and queer students at PSU. Panels are made up of 3-4 queer and trans student volunteers and a Queeries facilitator who hosts the panel discussion. On these panels, we explore topics of intersecting identities, our experiences as queer and trans people, and more depending on the panel topic. Panels most often happen in classrooms at PSU or during events. They are often based on a theme or topic, and are presented to peers, staff, and faculty. The goal of Queeries is to make space for queer and trans storytelling, to center queer and trans voices and experiences, educate others, and to offer leadership opportunities for queer and trans students.

Queeries invites queer and trans Black, Indigenous, People of Color (QTBIPOC), trans, nonbinary, femmes, students with disabilities, and other students who are historically oppressed to join the Queeries Speakers Program.


Become a Queeries Panelist

Trans and queer students are invited to become members of the Queeries Speakers Board. Panelists can join as many or as few panels as they have time for. All of our panelists participate in a Queeries panelist training hosted by our Queeries Coordinator and can become a Queeries panel facilitators.

Become a Panelist

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Request a Queeries Panel

Queeries panels are hosted in classrooms, offices, at events, and in virtual/web classes. These panels are educational storytelling panels comprised of queer and trans students sharing their stories and experiences. Topics could include:

  • Foundations of Queer and Trans Experience
  • Representation in Media
  • Queering Relationships, Supporting Queer and Trans Clients
  • Navigating Institutions


Request a Panel

Bite Sized Queeries

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Bite-Size Queeries is an extension of the Queeries Program. We take the fun parts of Queeries Panels and make it into a "Bite" to enjoy! Here are all of the past episodes. If you are interested in being in a future episode email queeries@pdx.edu

View Past Bite Size Queeries Here