Community Partner Research

RRI is nationally recognized for community-engaged research that emphasizes collaboration with community partners locally and nationally. Together, partners and RRI researchers and evaluators advocate for social justice and equity as we co-conduct rigorous studies that produce high-quality deliverables and products. Partnerships have always been a focus of our research over decades of deeply committed community-engaged work. RRI researchers and our partners have propelled hundreds of joint endeavors to success over the years by building trust among consumers, advocates, and community partners. We'll join with you to produce high-quality results driven by our insights, critiques, feedback, and work.


The RRI works to meet the needs and address the priorities of community partners through evaluation services. Our evaluation work can help you develop and evaluate field-initiated demonstration projects in response to federal funding opportunities and conduct process studies of broad system-level initiatives. In addition, we undertake evaluations that are sponsored by state and local entities to understand and improve program effectiveness. We work with you to collect and analyze program data, develop measurement tools, and create high-quality reports and presentations.


RRI has a long-standing track record of co-developing and co-facilitating educational trainings with community partners, which are offered to a wide range of audiences throughout Oregon and across the county.  Our trainers are highly skilled facilitators who work from a deep knowledge base of their specific areas of interest, including trauma-informed care, youth and young adult mental health, health disparities, and social and disability justice. Training content is grounded in sound research and offers data-driven ideas for improving advocacy, practice, and the delivery of human services and social service systems. We can help you translate research and evaluation findings into trainings that elevate practice skills and improve policy in your organization or community.

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