Academic Scheduling Automated Waitlist

The automated waitlist is a hands-free function for instructors. Instructors should encourage students to place themselves on the waitlist and frequently check their email account. The student will receive a message that they have 24 hours to register or they will be dropped from the waitlist.

Faculty FAQ's

Q: How does the Auto-Waitlist work?

A: When a student chooses to register for a full section, they will be given the option of being placed on the waitlist. When a seat opens up in the section, the first student on the waitlist will receive an email notifying them that they have 24 hours to register. The student will be dropped completely from the waitlist if they do not register during that 24 hour block.

Q: Do I have to offer a waitlist for my section?

A: No. Instructors/Departments can decide whether or not they would like to offer a waitlist.

Q: Can I use the original ‘manual waitlist’ instead of the automated version?

A: The introduction of the auto-waitlist is universal. We are unable to simultaneously offer a manual and automated version.

Q: Does the waitlist enforce the co-reqs and pre-reqs of the course?

A: Yes. The waitlists enforces all of the same restrictions that are enforced when a student registers for a course with the exception of day/time conflict.

Q: Can a student be on the waitlist for two sections of the same course?

A: No. The student can only choose one section of a course that has multiple sections offered.

Q: Will a student be able to be on multiple waitlists even if there is a day/time conflict?

A: Yes. Time conflict is not enforced on the waitlist so that students can ‘shop’ for multiple courses.

Q: Does the auto-waitlist work with crosslisted courses?

A: Yes Each section will have a separate waitlist. Students will receive notification only if there is an opening in the section they put themselves on the waitlist for.

Q: Can I view the students on the waitlist for my section?

A: Yes. You can find your waitlist roster on the same Banweb screen as your regular roster.

  1. Log into with your Odin log in.
  2. Choose the ‘Faculty Services’ tab.
  3. Choose the term under ‘Term Selection’ and click ‘Submit.'
  4. Choose the course under ‘CRN Selection’ and click ‘Submit.'
  5. Choose either ‘Summary Waitlist’ or ‘Detailed Waitlist.'

Q: Can I add a student with a Special Registration form and bypass the waitlist?

A: The best method is to direct the student to place themselves on the waitlist ASAP and let the waitlist work. Automated waitlists are much more active than manual waitlists.

If there is a grave need for the student to bypass the waitlist, they can be added with a Special Registration form. The enrollment capacity of the section will then be increased to accommodate this student’s enrollment. If your class has a capacity of 20 and you special register a student, you will now have a capacity of 21. The increased capacity will remain even if the student drops.

Q: Will students be able to register from the waitlist during the first week of the term?

A: The waitlist will revert to a manual waitlist on the first Monday of the term. This allows instructors to enforce the common requirement that a student must attend the first day or be dropped. Instructors should bring both the class roster and the waitlist roster so they can determine which students are present. The instructor can hand Special Registration forms to the present, waitlisted students that are being allowed into the class.

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