Academic Scheduling CSM Landing Page

Your landing page will be the jumping off point for any course section maintenance action you need to take, and is also where you can track your requests from start to finish.

The “Look up a Section” module in the top left of the page is used to select an existing course section to initiate a change or cancel request. If you do not know the CRN of the section, you can easily search for it by subject and course number as well.

The “Add a New Section” module in the top right of the page is where you will initiate adding a new course section by entering the term, subject, and course number, and then clicking the green “+ Add” button to open a new CSM form.

The lower half of the landing page consists of four tabs, where you can track your requests across various stages of processing. “In-Progress Requests” tab will display any CSM requests that you have started working on and saved, but not yet submitted. “Returned Requests” will display submitted CSM requests that have been returned to you for modification and re-submission (when this happens you will receive an automated email prompting you to revisit the request). “Submitted Requests” will display all CSM requests you have submitted until they have been processed by Academic Scheduling. “Closed Requests” will display CSM requests that have been successfully processed by Academic Scheduling.

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