Faculty Registration Override

The simplest and most efficient way to give students permission to take your class when restrictions exist is to use the Faculty Registration Override function in Banweb. Once you have provided this override, the student may complete their registration online.

To use the Faculty Registration Override function, follow these steps:

  • Log in to Banweb
  • Select Faculty Services
  • Click on Term Selection
  • Select the Term for which you want to add an override from the drop down menu
    Image showing how to select the term in Banweb
  • Click on the Faculty Registration Override link under Faculty Services 
    Image showing Faculty Registration Override in the course information menu
  • Enter the student’s PSU ID number, and click Submit
  • Note: the Student and Advisee Query only works if you're an assigned advisor. Do not use. 
Image showing to enter student ID instead of entering a search query
  • Next, verify the student’s name and click Submit again 
  • Choose the Override type from the Registration Overrides drop down menu
  • Note: prior to the first day of the term, this does not include overriding the capacity of a course.
    Image showing override types for before the beginning of the term
  • Once the term begins, an Override All-Include Capacity option will be available that can be used to bypass the capacity of a course or allow a waitlisted student to register for your course.
    Image showing override types for after the beginning of the term
  • Select the CRN for the course that the override will apply to
  • Click Submit
  • Review the selected overrides and click Submit again
  • Once your overrides are saved you will see all Current Student Overrides listed on the page. Note: once an override is saved, there is no way to remove it via Banweb. If you need to remove an override that has been saved, please contact the Office of the Registrar. 
    Image showing how to review and submit overrides

More information can be found on the Faculty Registration Override FAQs page.