Faculty Registration Override FAQs for Students

Your instructor may now be able to override course restrictions via the Faculty Registration Override through Banweb just as they have always done via the Special Registration Form.

Before the term begins, Faculty Registration Override is available to participating instructors/departments to override pre-requisites, co-requisites, class/level/major restrictions, student attributes, departmental approval, and time conflicts during pre-term registration. Once the term begins, class capacity can also be overridden.

Certain schools and colleges, such as the School of Business and the Maseeh College of Engineering and Computer Science, may not allow instructors to override particular restrictions, e.g. pre-requisite and college restrictions. Please check with your department for specific override protocol before contacting your instructor regarding an override.

If you have questions about how a Faculty Registration Override may help you register, please see the following FAQs or contact the Office of the Registrar.

If my instructor did the Faculty Registration Override, does this mean I am now registered?

When your instructor overrides a restriction for you it does not mean you are registered. You must still log on to your Banweb account and register for the course.

My instructor gave me an Override All, why am I still not able to register?

If the term hasn't begun, the 'Override all' option will not allow you to register in a closed or waitlisted course. This override does not allow an override of course capacity until after the term has begun.

If you are on the waitlist, and the term hasn't started, you must wait for the automated waitlist process to offer you an available space in the class before you will be able to register. Otherwise, you must wait until after the term has begun before your instructor can override course capacity and allow you to register.

Is the Faculty Registration Override the same as Departmental Approval?

The Faculty Registration Override does include an override of the Departmental Approval restriction. However, some departments may still require departmental approval and stamp before you will be able to register. Please contact the academic department of your course if your instructor is unable to provide the restriction you need. You may still need to submit a signed and/or stamped Special Registration Form in order to register.

If my instructor overrides a restriction, will I be able to register for any section of the course?

Your instructor is able to override restrictions by CRN only. This means you will only be able to register for the particular section your instructor has authorized. Other sections will still have have restrictions if you attempt to register.

My instructor signed a Special Registration Form, can I still use it to register?

Yes! The Office of the Registrar will continue accepting Special Registration Forms as a way to register for classes during the add period.

How to I add a course that I am waitlisted for after I have received a Faculty Registration Override?

If you are currently on the waitlist and have received a Faculty Override from your instructor, you must register for the course via Banweb. Under Add/Drop Courses, you must first drop from the waitlist by selecting "Drop Waitlist", then re-add the course by selecting "Reinstate Course" from the drop-down menu in the Action Field.