Student Resources for Online Courses

Welcome to the online course resource page for students! Below, you will learn how to register for partially and fully online courses at Portland State. Once you are registered, the tools and resources on this page will provide you with information you need to access and participate in your online courses.

Student Guide to Learning Remotely (pdf)

How to Register for an Online Course

  1. Log in to Banweb
  2. Select the 'Student Services' tab
  3. Click 'Visit Registration Hub'
  4. Click 'Register for Classes'
  5. Select the term for which you are registering from the drop down menu
  6. Search for courses in the Find Classes tab or enter the CRN
  7. Click 'Submit'
  8. Check to make sure the course is successfully registered and appears under Schedule and Options

References/Resources for Online Learning

Campus Resources

Academic Advising
Disability Resources
Online Tutoring
Online Class Support (D2L)
PSU Mobile

Online Programs

Visit the Online Degree Search page for a complete list of online academic programs at Portland State!

Online Courses

CRN and course information can be found in the online Schedule of Classes. After selecting the term, you can filter your search for online courses by selecting Fully Online and/or Hybrid from the Instructional Method list.

D2L Resources

D2L Support and Tutorials


Where can I find course registration information for an online course?

CRN and course information can be found in the online Schedule of Classes. After selecting the term, you can filter your search for online courses by selecting Fully Online and/or Hybrid from the Instructional Method list.

How do I add from a waitlist to an online course?

If you have placed yourself on a course waitlist, you can register for the course if/when a spot becomes available. This would occur if you are in the first spot on the waitlist and a registered student drops from the course. In this instance, you will receive an email notification to your PSU email account informing you that an open spot is available for you. You will then have 24 hours to register for this class. You can do so online through your banweb account. If you have not registered for this course by the time your 24 hour window has expired, you will be dropped from the waitlist.

How can I be added to a course that has restrictions?

If you find that a course you're trying to register for has a restriction, you can contact the instructor and/or department so see about a restriction override. This can be done on a Special Registration form with a instructor signature and/or department stamp. Your instructor may also be able to override restrictions with a Faculty Registration Override through Banweb. This will allow you to register online for the course, without having to submit a paper registration form. 

When does my online course begin?

Online courses will fall under the normal beginning/ending dates of the respective term. It is recommended to log in to the course's D2L interface on the first day of the term. The instructor should have the course syllabus/mandatory participation dates available at that time.

How do I contact the instructor for my online course?

You will be able to contact via D2L or by the contact information provided on the syllabus. If the course is underway, and the instructor has not posted any course information and is not being responsive to your inquiries, please contact the department facilitating the course. They can serve as an intermediary and contact the instructor on your behalf.

When will I be able to access D2L after registering?

D2L generally shows up within 1-2 hours of being registered for the course, but it can take up to 24 hours. If, after 24 hours, D2L is still not showing for this course, please contact the instructor and s/he can assist you in gaining D2L access.

What do I do if I registered late and can't access previous assignments?

If you are wanting to register to a course late, please consult with the instructor before doing so. This way you can both gauge and have a firm understanding of the previous coursework you will need to make up. Also, the instructor will be able to provide you with the previous assignments should they not appear on your D2L.

Does appearing in D2L mean that I am registered?

Please don't use D2L as a means of verifying your course schedule's accuracy. It is possible to have the course appear on your D2L even if you are not officially registered for the course. The only way to confirm your registration for a course is by reviewing your 'Student Detail Schedule' or 'Schedule of Classes by Day and Time' in your banweb account or by contacting the office of the registrar.