BSW and CYFS Advising

SSW offers two undergraduate majors and three levels of advising for each major

BSW and CYFS Advising

Levels of Advising

Undergraduate advising in the School of Social Work is an ongoing process that assists students in defining their career goals and planning their program of study. The School of Social Work offers two undergraduate majors (BSW and CYFS) and offers three levels of advising for each major.

Info Sessions

Both programs regularly hold information sessions that provide an overview for students thinking about applying. Dates and times of upcoming sessions are available on the Public Events Calendar.

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Academic Advising is most useful for freshman, sophomores, and students interested in one of the majors offered by the School of Social Work, but who have not yet been admitted to a program.

Program Advising

Students who have been admitted into one of our programs are eligible for advising. Specific contact information for the program advisors is listed below by program content area.

Pre-Admission Advising for both BSW and CYFS

Please email the advisors directly to set up an appointment.

Kate Constable

(503) 725-5925

Kim Utschig

(503) 725-8961

BSW Program Advising

Kate Constable

(503) 725-5925

Kim Utschig

(503) 725-8961

Mollie Janssen

(503) 725-5016


CYFS Program Advising

The Child, Youth, & Family Studies program is founded on a principle of ongoing developmental support for students and emerging professionals. Faculty have open-door policies and provide developmental advising (which includes academic, career, and other support) for students throughout their time in the major. Although students generally receive academic advising from the faculty associated with their specialization, you should feel free to develop your advising relationship based upon field of practice, personal connection, or some blend of the two.

Ben Anderson-Nathe

(503) 725-2594

Youth Worker, International Worker, Special Education for School-Aged Children, Administration of Programs

Miranda Cunningham

(503) 725-5055

Elementary Education, Early Childhood Education, Early Intervention/Early Childhood Special Education, Child Welfare/Human Services

Erin Flynn

(503) 725-5000

Early Childhood Education, Early Intervention/ Early Childhood Special Education

Hillary Hyde

(503) 725-8529

Families in Society, Child Welfare/Human Services, Early Childhood Education, Early Intervention/Early Childhood Special Education

Jana Meinhold

(503) 725-8562

Family Life Educator, Human Development, Families in Society, Elementary Education, Child Life

Staci Martin CYFS Practicum Coordination