BSW Transfers

Community College Transfers

Students transferring from a community college can consult with their community college advisor about preparation for the social work program. Prospective students may also contact Society and Identity Pathway advising for general planning and advising about university and degree requirements.

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Transferring from another Social Work Program

If you have been admitted to a BSW Program at another university and you are interested in transferring to our BSW Program at Portland State University please review the Policy on Transfer Students from other Social Work Programs.

Policy for Transfer Students from other BSW Social Work Programs

Thank you for your interest in transferring to our BSW Program. Portland State University's BSW Program is committed to the cohort model of learning. A cohort is a community of learners joined in a deep commitment to social justice and social work who are together over the course of two years. The sense of community and connection is fundamental to our pedagogical and learning approach. The following policy regarding students transferring from other BSW Programs is developed to support the BSW Program mission within the School of Social Work.

All transfer students must meet the criteria for general PSU admission and must apply to the BSW program separate from admission to Portland State University. The previous BSW Program must be fully accredited by the CSWE at the time of the transfer. Each transfer student from another BSW Program must complete the BSW Application Form and submit it on the same time frame as other students seeking admission to the BSW Program. The student’s application must include a letter from their previous BSW Program Director stating that the student was in "good standing” throughout the student’s academic career at the institution; the reason for transfer is not due to academic, behavioral, or ethical challenges; and that the student seeking transfer status is highly recommended at the time of transfer. The student must turn in copies of all their previous BSW course syllabi and a transcript from all the other universities/colleges. Students seeking to transfer should meet with a BSW academic adviser to assess additional PSU requirements and the applicability of their prior coursework. The final decision about admission will be made case by case, in consultation with other social work faculty and will take into consideration space availability, size of the cohort, and other PSU BSW Program needs. Out of state students should consult with the PSU admission office about tuition and residency requirements.


Approved by the BSW Program Committee on May 12th, 2011.