Criminal Conviction Statement


Portland State University’s School of Social Work takes seriously the need to protect the public, as well as to provide appropriate opportunities to individuals wishing to enter the social work profession who have criminal records. We are committed to assuring that individuals who might pose a threat to any client group or practice setting be prevented from causing harm.  We are also committed to the value and belief that any particular arrest or criminal conviction history is not in and of itself indicative of a person’s readiness or potential to enter into and contribute to the social work profession.   

The School of Social Work makes no presumptive judgments regarding the criminal history of a student and potential field placements. This policy is intended to ensure that the School of Social Work field team will make a reasonable effort to identify a suitable field agency that will provide a placement for a student with a criminal record. Students need to know that in fulfilling this effort, certain types and calendar dates of criminal convictions may result in some agencies declining to offer them a field placement.  In some instances it may not be possible for the field team to find a placement willing to interview or accept the student.  In such a case it is likely that the student will be unable to complete the BSW or MSW program.