Faculty and Staff Response to SSW SOCC’s “Expectations for Portland State University’s School of Social Work”


May 16, 2017


We, the undersigned faculty and staff, acknowledge the damage to students of color and all systemically targeted students and communities caused by the School of Social Work. 

We recognize the repeated and continual naming of concerns by students of color and all systemically targeted students throughout the school's history and our lack of sustained attention to structural change. We regret that our past responses have been inadequate and have depended upon students of color and students from other historically targeted identities continually educating faculty and staff through the narration of their experiences and scars. We regret that in order for us to be moved to action, it required personal testimony to once more be shared.  

We acknowledge all the students from intersections of historically targeted identities whom our programs have failed to support or retain due to institutional barriers, harassment, discrimination, and/or the resulting retaliation for speaking up against injustices. These students hold identities that include but are not limited to: poor and working class, sick and/or disabled, Queer/LGBTQ2S, gender nonconforming students, parents, students of color, and those who sit at multiple intersections of these identities. 

We recognize and affirm the tremendous emotional, intellectual, spiritual, and physical labor of students across the School of Social Work devoted to creating this list of expectations. We see and hear the harm that we, individually and collectively, have caused both through our action and our inaction. Therefore, we commit to sustaining our own attention and labor in crafting and implementing a meaningful response and determining actions steps in a timely and inclusive manner.

Keva Miller, Associate Dean/SSW Faculty

Mary Oschwald, Regional Research Institute

Cimone Schwoeffermann, MSW Student Affairs Coordinator

Monica Parmley, SSW Faculty

Roxanne Dinca, SSW Staff

Katharine Cahn, SSW Faculty

Sara Lavender, SSW Staff

Katherine Kneupper, Seminar Instructor

Lisa Race, Adjunct Instructor

Alma Trinidad, SSW Faculty

Lisa Hawash, SSW Faculty

John Waddingham, SSW Staff

Ridley Williams, SSW Staff

Gita Mehrotra, SSW Faculty

Marina Barcelo, SSW Student Support & Inclusion Specialist

Anna Rockhill, Regional Research Institute

Staci Martin, Adjunct Instructor

Sarah Bradley, SSW Faculty

Shannon Turner, RRI Faculty 

Katie Hayden-Lewis, Regional Research Institute

Missy Kloos, SSW Field Education Team

Lea Ann Holder SSW Faculty/CCF 

Karen Moorhead SSW Faculty/CCF

Thet Mar Win, PhD and MSW Staff

Mandy Davis, Regional Research Institute

Stephanie Wahab, SSW Faculty

Ben Anderson-Nathe, CYFS Faculty, SSW

Sandy Leotti, RRI, Adjunct Instructor

Holly Hein, RRI Staff

Melissa Penners, BSW and CYFS Staff

Michael Taylor, SSW Faculty

Julie Kates, SSW Faculty

Kate Davis, Adjunct

Mindy Holliday, SSW Faculty

Katie Winters, Adjunct Instructor, RRI Senior Research Associate I

Michael Hulshof-Schmidt, Adjunct Faculty 

Jill Hoffman, SSW Faculty

Hillary Hyde, SSW Faculty

Marty Lowrey, Program Director, CWP Workforce

Kate Constable, Undergraduate Advisor

Kevin Cherry, Adjunct Instructor

Michele Morales, SSW Faculty/DO Team

Fara Tucker, Adjunct Instructor

Eddie May, Assistant Director of Field/Distance Option Coordinator 

Leah Brookner, SSW Faculty

Jennifer Robe, Undergraduate Advisor

Ericka Kimball, SSW Faculty

Matt Chorpenning, Adjunct Faculty

Erin Elizabeth Flynn, CYFS Faculty

Carrie Furrer, CCF Research Faculty

Miranda Cunningham, CYFS faculty

Brooke Rizor, SOCI

Andre Pruitt, Adjunct Faculty

Vicki Cotrell, SSW Faculty

Stephanie Bryson, BSW Program Director

Lisa Cordova, SSW Faculty

Meg Panichelli, Adjunct Instructor

Susie Snyder, Professor of Practice, Emeritus

Molly Oberweiser Kennedy, System of Care Institute (SOCI)

Dawn Williamson, Adjunct Instructor

Mathew Uretsky, SSW Faculty

Denise Grant, SSW Faculty

Monica Garcia Rueda, CYFS Faculty