Visit the School of Social Work

Visiting PSU and The School of Social Work 

Finding the School of Social Work & Making Your Way Around Our Campus

The School of Social Work is located in the Academic & Student Recreation Center (ASRC) at 1800 SW 6th Ave, Suite 600, Portland, OR 97201.

Below are maps and links to help you find us, as well as better understand and navigate our campus.

Dining Around PSU & Portland

If you are looking for something delicious and on the go, look no further than grabbing a bite to eat with a lot of locals at the food carts near campus on 4th Avenue, between Hall and College. Vendor created seating is minimal, but there are plenty of places to sit, chat and eat around campus.

Portland Area Sustainable Eateries

Portland hosts a diverse selection of foods and below are walking maps to some of our city's best local sustainable restaurants. Portland has dedicated itself to creating a cleaner, sustainable, and environmentally friendly atmosphere for those who live in The City of Roses and for those who visit. Steadily, restaurants and businesses all over Portland have been changing their practices to uphold the atmosphere we strive to have here in Portland.

Good Eats! at the Portland Food Carts

Portland has a proliferation of Food Carts and they seem to be growing in numbers and locations. Some might call them lunch wagons, taco trucks or even snack shacks, but whatever you call them, they are truly a phenomenon in Portland. This site is an ode to Portland's food carts, and a practical guide on where to find them and what to eat once you get there. It contains a listing of carts, a map, a search feature, and categories by cuisine types and specific locations. 

Getting to Know the Portland Area

Saturday Market/Old Town/Chinatown

The Saturday Market offers a unique opportunity for customers to meet over 250 small businesses and individual artists from across the Northwest as well as see one of a kind pieces created in the artist's booth. This Saturday/Sunday event has live music and a plethora of exotic foods that will satisfy everyone's appetites.

Old Town Chinatown, Portland's oldest neighborhood, is always evolving. The strength of this neighborhood is its diversity, and this diversity is shown in part by the number of community organizations, social and civic organizations, and social service agencies located within its boundaries

City Hall, Keller Auditorium, S. Waterfront

Portland City Hall, built in 1895, is the headquarters of city government of Portland. The building houses the offices of the city Council and several other offices.

Only a couple blocks from City Hall, Keller Auditorium, built in 1917, hosts many performing arts events each year. The building is home to the Portland Opera, the Oregon Ballet Theatre, and Oregon Children's Theatre. It also hosts many national acts and traveling Broadway shows.

South Waterfront, one of Portland's newest neighborhoods, is inspired by the best practices of the point towers in Vancouver, B.C. This emerging neighborhood integrates alternative transportation, parks and trails, green building practices, mixed-use retail, and healthy living with art and design.

Pearl District, Alphabet Blocks, Trolley

Portland's best known art district, the Pearl District, is an award-wining, internationally recognized leader in urban renewal. The Pearl is home to a variety of art galleries, distinctive restaurants and bars, shopping, beautiful city parks, coffee and tea shops, and the famous Powell's City of Books.

Also located in Portland's NW section is an area known as the Alphabet Blocks. This unique area's street names are in alphabetical order, hence the name, and Burnside Street marks the beginning of these blocks.

East Side

This area is located from the east bank of the Willamette River outward to the edge of town. The East Side contains an eclectic mix of trendy second-hand stores, upscale, mom-and-pop, and sustainable restaurants and cafes, unique toy shops for kids and adults, old theaters, malls, hotels, and more. This area is easily accessible by Tri-Met (bus and light rail) and taxi.

Local Resources

Read Local State News at The Oregonian for local news and information throughout Oregon. and The Oregonian are separate companies that partner in the marketplace. Together, they provide an essential 24/7 news, information and social interaction network – collecting many sources to inform, engage and entertain.

Get Local and Travel Portland

Travel Portland works to maintain the vibrancy of the region by promoting the Portland metropolitan area as a preferred destination for meetings, conventions and leisure travel. A private non-profit destination marketing organization with a membership of more than 1,000 businesses, Travel Portland operates a busy visitor information center, supports a climate of year-round hospitality, and helps our city, state and region reap the rewards of a thriving visitor industry.

Citysearch Your Way Around Town

Citysearch is the essential local guide for living bigger, better and smarter in your city. Covering more than 75,00 locations nationwide, they combine in-the-know editorial recommendations, candid user comments and expert advice from local businesses, and they keep you connected tot he most popular and undiscovered places wherever you are.


Tri-Met, Metro Area Transportation

TriMet provides bus, light rail and commuter rail services in the Portland metro area. These transportation options improve mobility, ease traffic congestion and reduce air pollution – making our region a better place to live. TriMet fares are valid on buses, MAX Light Rail, WES Commuter Rail and Portland Streetcar.

Quick Stops with Taxis

Radio Cab and Broadway Cab, among others, are Portland's go-to taxi services. We don't hail them in Portland, but give them a quick call if you need a lift from the Airport or across town.

Travelling To or Outside of Portland and the Metro Area

Amtrak at Portland's Union Station (800 NW 6th Ave.) is a comfortable and cost efficient way to travel within or outside Oregon. To purchase tickets, visit their website or call 503-273-4866.

The Portland International Airport is our main hub for air transportation. There you can find all major airlines, and access to hotels and shopping is not far away.

Portland Street Car

Portland Streetcar began operation in 2001 as the first modern streetcar system in the country. The Streetcar connects the South Waterfront area, to PSU, downtown Portland, the pearl district, and the trendy NW 23rd area. The Loop connects downtown Portland to the Rose Quarter, Lloyd District, Convention Center, Central Eastside and OMSI.