Branches of Government

The Associated Students of Portland State University (ASPSU) is your Student Government. We are a group of passionate student leaders devoted to selflessly serve the 26,000 students at Portland State University. We are committed to advocate for and represent the interests of all students at Portland State, at the university and state level. ASPSU consists of various committees that collectively help to advocate for the broader student interest. Take some time to review and understand the foremost committees listed below.

Meets Biweekly on odd weeks of the term

Last senate meeting scheduled for Monday, April 24th from 5-9 PM

The senate represents the members devoted to creating a strong, effective and efficient student government and without their work the ability of ASPSU to function would be severely compromised. The Senate shall be responsible for the following: confirming nominations; approving the ASPSU Budget, the Incidental Fee Budget, resolutions, amendments to the Constitution, bylaws, guidelines, and approving referrals and referenda; and any other matters that establish binding requirements upon ASPSU. Students and members of the general public are welcomed to attend and are allotted time during public comment to voice their concerns regarding topics that they would like to bring forth to ASPSU to review. Please reach out to if you would like to add an agenda item to the next senate meeting or learn more about how to get involved

Meets weekly on Fridays from 5-6 PM

The last Exec Cabinet meeting is scheduled for Wed, April 26th

The purpose of this committee shall be to coordinate and support the values established in the preamble of the ASPSU Constitution and to coordinate the day-to-day operations of ASPSU and the Director-led Committees. This committee shall assist the President in developing goals for the year. The voting members of this body are the President, Vice President, SFC Chair, and the eight (8) Directors. Please reach out to if you would like to add an agenda item to the next executive cabinet meeting or learn more about how to get involved!

Meets weekly on Wednesday from 3-4 PM

Contact Info:

The Constitution and Judicial Review Board is a recognized branch of ASPSU responsible for ruling on questions of interpretation of the ASPSU Constitution and any rules promulgated under it. The five justices who are appointed to serve on the Judicial Board are responsible for giving neutral opinions on matters regarding ASPSU and the Student Body at large. The ASPSU Judicial Board must also rule on appeals submitted by members of ASPSU, as well as recommend revisions to the Constitution and all branch Bylaws for approval by the student body and the Student Senate.

Meets every Mon 12-1:30 PM, Tues 10:30-12 PM, Fri 11-2 PM

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This Student Fee Committee is composed of 7 members and is responsible for recommending the allocation of the Student Fee to the ASPSU Student Government, University President, and the PSU Board of Trustees. It is the job of the SFC to allocate money to student funded programs and services that further the cultural and physical development of the students at large.

If you have any questions regarding the committees listed above please contact us via email: