Students First

Our Commitment is

Students First

cultural center graduation- students in regalia

PSU believes that students succeed when caring faculty and staff connect them to the opportunity and support they need to experience the transformative power of a college education. We realize PSU’s commitment to student success when our students achieve their goals. 

In support of our student success goals, PSU, led by Provost Susan Jeffords, has outlined a strategic framework for organizing and coordinating a campus-wide focus on student success, Students First. This framework includes executive support from President Percy for the Leadership Council that will be responsible for steering, coordinating and assessing PSU’s commitment to improving student success outcomes. 

We’ve organized the Students First into 4 pillars or focus areas. These include Persistence, Academic Success, Affordability, and Student Experience, all supported by the strategic use of data. We will pay careful attention to the institutional data we use to define our metrics, set explicit targets, and put powerful data tools in the hands of the people best positioned to act on that data.

We Belong at Portland State

We asked PSU students to tell us a bit about their experience at PSU, share what it was like when they were new, and offer advice to new to PSU students. The following video is unscripted, just students sharing a little bit of their PSU story and welcoming students to the PSU community.