Undergraduate Program Communication

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Communication Bachelor's Degree and Minor Overview

Pursue a bachelor's degree in communication to become a competent professional and interpersonal communicator. Develop communication skills to create positive future change and influence global dialogue. As a communication major, learn social science research skills and apply your knowledge in internships while gaining real-world experiences. Our program focuses on major lines of communication research and theory, and methods for studying and analyzing communication and allows you to tailor your coursework to your own communication-related interests.

Students gain a foundation in communication theory, research, and methods and then have the opportunity to pursue electives across different communication areas including:

  • Effects of mass media (e.g., television), including the nature of communication over new media (e.g., Facebook and Twitter)
  • Norms and rules of communication in interpersonal and romantic relationships, including the dynamics of intercultural communication
  • Role of communication in politics and political outcomes
  • Role of communication in healthcare (e.g., doctor-patient communication) and patients’ health outcomes

Students graduate with a well-rounded understanding of human behavior and communications, giving them the skills to go on to programs in healthcare, education, psychology, marketing, business, public affairs, public policy and journalism.

Degree Details

Communication Bachelor's Degree or Minor: Why PSU?

Portland has incredible and unique opportunities for communication majors to work, network, and intern. Companies like Nike, Wieden+Kennedy, Intel, and the many nonprofits and government agencies are always looking for experienced communication professionals for internships and jobs. Our students have the unique opportunity to carry out internships while they complete their undergraduate degrees, giving them the opportunity to complete their degree with real work experience on their resumes.

Our engaged faculty help them connect what they’re learning in the classroom to real-world concepts giving our communication students experience and knowledge they wouldn’t be able to get elsewhere. Our proximity to so many incredible employers also allows us to host guest speakers in our classes, giving students a unique opportunity to explore careers and make professional connections.

What can I do with a Bachelor's degree or Minor in Communication?

Graduating with a degree in communication can provide you with a unique skill set, opening up new job opportunities. Employers including media and broadcasters, government and nonprofits, advertising agencies, and a variety of other industries have recruited our students for positions such as communication manager, marketing specialist, outreach coordinator, advertising executive, technical writer, and community organizer.

Communication is a growing field that continues to expand and new technologies emerge. Our students are adaptable and able to quickly adjust and innovate.

Featured Courses

  • COMM 300 Principles of Communication
  • COMM 311 Research Methods in Communication
  • COMM 218 Interpersonal Communication
  • COMM 312 Media Literacy
  • COMM 314 Persuasion
  • COMM 336 Metaphor


  • COMM 415 Problems of Intercultural Communication
  • COMM 420 Political Communication
  • COMM 423 Advanced Organizational and Strategic Communication
  • COMM 429 Health Communication Campaigns
  • COMM 432 Communication and Technology
  • COMM 437 Urban Communication
  • COMM 460 Framing and Mass Media
  • Special topics including COMM 410 Communicating the Environment: Science, Society, and Media


Portland State University is fully accredited by the Northwest Commission on Colleges and Universities (NWCCU).