Undergraduate Program Spanish

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Spanish Bachelor's Degree and Minor Overview

A richly historic language that spans the entire globe, contemporary Spanish is the culmination of centuries of literature, art, music and culture.

In your Spanish degree from Portland State University, you’ll study a language with over 50 million native speakers in the U.S. and another 400 million abroad, making it the second most popular native-spoken language in the United States and the world.

Whether you want to study the Spanish language and culture to get in touch with your family's history, immerse yourself in Hispanic culture, or prepare for an international career, a bachelor's degree in Spanish from Portland State will help you expand your knowledge and build your fluency.

The Spanish major is a degree focusing on language, culture, and history. You'll take courses in language, linguistics, literature, film, and life in Spanish-speaking countries and communities. You will join a diverse community of students, some learning Spanish as a new language and others who are native or heritage speakers broadening their skills, all bringing unique perspectives and a wide range of skills to the classroom.

In the Spanish program at PSU, students explore the relationships between language, history, and art using an interdisciplinary approach that incorporates perspectives from across the humanities, sciences, and professions.

Degree Details

Spanish Bachelor's Degree or Minor: Why PSU?

Our close ties with the broader Portland community gives you a unique chance to apply your skills. The Capstone in Dual Immersion places senior Spanish undergraduates in bilingual classroom settings around Portland. As tutors and classroom aides at the Spanish-English dual immersion program at Barnes Elementary School in Beaverton and Cesar Chavez School in Portland, you'll have the opportunity to create interactive class activities in Spanish.

Many of our students also study abroad, embarking on an immersive experience that complements your work in the classroom. We offer a faculty-led immersion experience in Barcelona, Spain, providing you with the opportunity to strengthen your Spanish-speaking language skills while learning about the literary, artistic, and historical currents of Catalonia.

What can I do with a Bachelor's degree or minor in Spanish?

Spanish majors work in a wide variety of fields, including health and medicine, publishing, engineering, education, law, business, art, social work, hospitality and tourism, the trades, consulting, government, and nonprofit work. You can also pair your Spanish major with academic work in pre-medicine, pre-law, and pre-teacher education or use it as preparation for graduate studies in social work, public affairs, history, or Hispanic studies.

Majoring in Spanish will give you a competitive advantage in your career, more than 90% of U.S. companies seek employees who can work with clients from different countries and cultures, most seek employees with multicultural experience, half seek employees with overseas experience and one-third give preference to multilingual applicants.

Major Requirements

  • 40 credits upper-division Spanish Language, Literature and Culture
  • 4 credits linguistics
  • 8 credits upper-division elective courses
  • 52 credits total (= 13 courses)

Students must take 8 credits of 300 level literature (SPAN 341, 342, 343, 344, 345), and 16 credits at the 400 level, 8 of which must be numbered higher than 410. See the Spanish major worksheet or the PSU Bulletin for course numbers and other detailed information.


Minor Requirements

20 credits upper-division Spanish Spanish Language, Literature and Culture
04 credits linguistics
24 credits total (= 6 courses)

See the Spanish minors worksheet or the PSU Bulletin for course numbers and other detailed information.


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