Nancy Breaux

Nancy Breaux is a film studies instructor who has focused her teaching and research career around the crossroads of film history, critical theory, and subcultural studies. She has taught numerous sections of film history, analysis and criticism, and classical film theory. American Film Comedy, Independent Cinema, Eating Culture: Film and Food, and Masters of Mise-en-Scene are among her more specialized course offerings. Her most recent scholarship, “From the Multiplex to the Micro-Cinema: Forecasting the Future of Film Exhibition,” was presented at the International What Is Film? Conference.

In her spare time, Dr. Breaux is also a documentary filmmaker. Her film Bent has been screened around the world as part of the Filmed By Bike International Film Festival. She has won numerous research and production grants, including  from the Oregon Council for the Humanities, the Hewlett Foundation, and the Regional Arts and Culture Council.  She is currently working on a visual essay called Hi, Sugar, about the role that sugar cane has played in the culture of Louisiana’s Acadiana region.

University of Oregon
Telecommunications and Film

Southern Illinois University
Cinema and Photography

University of Louisiana at Lafayette