Pamela Minty

Instructor, Film Production

LH 127E
Wed: 12:00 pm - 3:00 pm

Pam Minty’s work explores labor, home and community through still photography and motion pictures. Her work has been exhibited at Anthology Film Archives, Center for Documentary Studies, Co-Prosperity Sphere, Film Studies Center at University of Chicago, Hallwalls Contemporary Art Center, International House Philadelphia, Los Angeles Filmforum, Place Gallery, Portland International Film Festival/Northwest Film Center, Cinema Project, eXCinema (Seattle), Boathouse Microcinema, San Francisco Cinematheque, UnionDocs, Vancouver International Film Centre, as well as other venues throughout North America.

Minty is the co-founder of 40 Frames, a 16mm conservation initiative that maintains the international exhibitors list and houses a collection of 16mm film prints. From 1999-2009, 40 Frames operated a public film screening series located in Portland’s Central Eastside. She worked with the Portland Art Museum’s Northwest Film Center exhibition and education departments from 1995-2020.

Minty’s PSU courses include technical and project-based classes in film production including Narrative, Documentary, and Experimental Production. She also teaches specialized production courses in the areas of cinematography, sound recording, sound design, and post production practices.

  • BA English Literature
    University of Oregon
  • MFA Studio Art Practice, School of Art + Design
    Portland State University