Peer Connection Network

Group of students having a conversation on the Viking Pavillion steps, all are social distancing and wearing facemasks

About the Peer Connection Network

In Winter 2021 the Transfer & Returning Student Resource Center is introducing a new initiative to help create community among PSUs transfer and returning students. The Peer Connection Network is a way for new and incoming transfer and returning students to connect with Portland State University through a peer-to-peer connection. 

With the Peer Connection Network, we aim to:

  • Help transfer and returning students to smoothly transition to PSU and navigate PSU services and resources.
  • Connect students to the service or program that fits their needs and interests.
  • Personalize the transfer student experience through connection and support.
  • Increase the student's sense of belonging and community at PSU.
  • Serve as a bridge between resource centers and departments on campus, connecting students with services and resources to facilitate student engagement, persistence, and degree completion.

Connect and Chat With a Transfer Student This Term! 

We know it can sometimes be difficult navigating a new university, learning how to find and utilize the resources you need to help you on your academic journey and path towards student success. It can feel frustrating not knowing where to go and who to talk to when questions come up, or simply finding someone to chat with in your community about what you’re experiencing as a transfer student. 

What if you could connect to another transfer student who may have navigated similar circumstances when they transitioned to PSU? A peer who can guide you to the appropriate resources and places on campus and online that you are looking for?

We invite you to participate in a brand new program, the Peer Connection Network at the Transfer and Returning Student Resource Center, that aims to help transfer and returning students connect to their peers and resources on campus!

Come have a conversation with another transfer student this term!

Navigator Info

The Peer Connection Navigators are trained volunteers that will meet with interested students who sign up for the program. Navigators set up appointments (conversations) with students, help answer questions about and provide guidance and support, on the general student experience, academic and campus resources, and how to connect to individuals, services, and resources.

Are you interested in making connections with other transfer and returning students? Want to help students navigate Portland State and connect them to important resources on campus? 

Join the Peer Connection Network as a peer connection navigator! The Transfer and Returning Student Resource Center (TRSRC) is starting a new program that aims to help transfer and returning students connect to peers and resources on campus and is looking for volunteers interested in building community and getting experience supporting their peers!