Co-Admission (also known as "dual enrollment" or "degree partnership") is a special admissions process that allows students to be formally admitted to both PSU and partner community colleges. The Undergraduate Admission website has information about the process for applying to PSU with Co-Admission. 

In any given term you can attend school in one of three ways: 

  • Take all your courses at PSU.
  • Take all your courses at the community college.
  • Take some courses at PSU and some at the community college.

Meet with a Transfer & Returning Student Advisor

If you are interested in exploring how Co-Admission may benefit you, schedule a meeting with one of our Transfer & Returning Student Advisors. They can help you:

  • Explore the programs, clubs, and resources available at PSU
  • Decide on a major and when to start taking classes PSU
  • Organize your plans so that you have balance between PSU and your community college
  • Work on pre-transfer course planning so that you know that you are progressing towards your Bachelor’s Degree while taking classes at the community college


Co-Admission Partner Community Colleges

  • Chemeketa Community College
  • Clackamas Community College
  • Clark College
  • Clatsop Community College
  • Oregon Coast Community College (through PCC)
  • Mt. Hood Community College
  • Portland Community College

When you are Co-Admitted, partner community colleges will automatically send your community college transcripts to PSU each term once the term's grades have posted.