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We at the TRSRC know how important it is for students to understand how to make the most of their transfer credits and plan their degree path in the most effective way possible. Here we have gathered virtual and in-person resources to provide answers you need about the admission and transfer process. We have our own academic advisors for new and prospective transfer students; refer to our advising page or click here to schedule an appointment. 

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Applying for Admission

PSU’s transfer admissions page provides you admission requirements, important dates and deadlines, and links to the transfer application.

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Advising at PSU

Academic advising is a key part of your success as a prospective or current transfer or returning student. Find information on our advising services for prospective students, a breakdown of PSU’s Pathway Advising system, and information for current students to connect with your Pathway Advisor.


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Advising at Community Colleges

In order to help prospective transfer students plan for and prepare to transfer to PSU, Transfer and Returning Student Advisors can meet with students during scheduled community college visits, or through virtual meetings (phone or Zoom Web Conference).