Citation Payment

If you received a PSU parking citation (example image on the bottom of this page), you have several methods of payment:

  • Pay citation online                                                        
  • Pay in person at our office
  • Send payment by US mail using the address on the citation

When paying via US Mail, please include the citation number(s) on your check or money order; DO NOT SEND CASH.

If your citation does not clearly say "PORTLAND STATE UNIVERSITY", then it is likely a citation from the City of Portland (PSU example image shown at left). Please visit the City of Portland Parking Enforcement website for more information on City of Portland citations..

Citation Appeals

Within 14 calendar days of the original citation, you may request that the citation fee be reduced or waived by submitting an official appeal online. If an appeal is not filed within 14 days of the date the citation was issued, your right to appeal is automatically waived and you cannot appeal.

Make sure to supply all relevant information in your appeal including any documentation to support your argument (such as proof of payment). Please allow 2 to 4 weeks for a ruling. Notification will be sent to you by email. If you do not hear back from us, you should assume that your appeal was denied and you need to pay the citation in full.

If you would like to attach physical documentation to your appeal, you may do so within the online system. Please attach only images or PDF documents.

Portland State Parking Citation

Example of Portland State Parking Citation

City of Portland Parking Citation

Example of City of Portland parking citation

Reasons generally not considered valid for waiving or reducing parking citations include (but are not limited to):

  • Lack of knowledge of Transportation & Parking policy
  • Disagreement with Transportation & Parking policy or fees
  • Inability to pay Transportation & Parking fees
  • First parking violation on campus
  • Failure to display or improperly displaying a valid permit multiple times
  • Non-receipt of an overdue notice*

*Overdue notices are sent monthly to the address of the vehicle driver on file with PSU or to the address of the registered vehicle owner based on the Department of Motor Vehicles record..

Account Privacy

All account information including name, contact, license plate, permit history, citation history and account balances are kept private by PSU. This information is only used for business purposes and is not disclosed to individuals other than the account holder. A valid account number, license plate or citation number must be provided in order to obtain any of the information listed above or information deemed private to the account by PSU staff.