Graduate Program Emergency Management and Community Resilience

Emergency Management and Community Resilience graduate students

Emergency Management and Community Resilience Master's Degree Overview

This master's in Emergency Management and Community Resilience is designed to equip leaders to build more resilient communities and systems while serving the world in this critical time of need. The Emergency Management and Community Resilience curriculum incorporates a multitude of fields, ranging from anthropology to urban planning to communication. The program’s transdisciplinary nature pushes our students to examine issues from multiple perspectives and equips them with the skills and the knowledge to create a more resilient, just future. With a focus on critical assessment, we strive to identify equitable pathways for informed resilience work. Placing a premium on community engagement, sustainability, inclusion and equity, and applied learning, this is a program built to address the needs of all people.

Among its distinctive features, our Emergency Management and Community Resilience master ’s degree offers:

  • a two-year, 53-credit curriculum, thoughtfully designed by experts in anthropology, communication, geography, geology, public administration, urban planning, and other fields
  • the chance to study in an epicenter of urban and rural opportunity, surrounded by volcanoes, fault lines, forests, and the coast
  • energetic and approachable faculty experts, with ambitious research portfolios and diverse perspectives on resilience
  • more than 100 elective courses that allow students to tailor their degree to their interests

Degree Details

Emergency Management and Community Resilience Master's Degree: Why PSU?

Housed within a University dedicated to public service, our EMCR degree is the ideal blend of expertise and opportunity, with world-renowned faculty and a city that serves as a natural laboratory. Portland is home to active and progressive neighborhood teams and the power of nature in every direction, with volcanoes, flood zones, landslides, forests, earthquakes, fault lines, tsunamis and the coast all close by.

Together, the city of Portland and Portland State University comprise the ideal location to study emergency management and community resilience.

What can I do with a master's degree in Emergency Management and Community Resilience?

A skill-based program balanced with cutting-edge theoretical approaches, the Emergency Management and Community Resilience degree was created to train
dedicated and compassionate professionals, who will go on to tackle the most daunting of problems, locally and globally. Our students graduate prepared with the applied and theoretical skills they need to step seamlessly into the careers of tomorrow—equipped to lead and ready to make a difference. We train our graduates to be leaders in the emerging fields of emergency and disaster management with multiple career pathways. We’ve created unparalleled opportunities for partnerships with organizations at the forefront of emergency management and community resilience.

Below are examples of the types of partnerships we have formed:

  • local, state and federal agencies
  • sovereign Native American nations
  • nonprofits
  • international NGOs and agencies
  • universities
  • private companies

Featured Courses

  • Anatomy and History of Disasters
  • Building Community Resilience
  • Strategies for Organizing Recovery, Mitigation, and Assistance
  • Risk and Strategic Communication
  • Climate Resiliency Planning
  • Community Resilience in Coupled Socio-Ecological Systems
  • Principles of Emergency Management
  • International Perspectives on Disaster Management and Resilience
  • Culture, Vulnerability and Disaster Resilience
  • Research Design, Evaluation, Communication and Assessment
  • Qualitative and Quantitative Analysis
  • Geographic Information Systems


  • Natural Systems, Sustainability and Resilience
  • Public Health Response and Promotion
  • Organizational Strategies for Effective
  • Emergency Management
  • Social Resilience, Culture and Community


Portland State University is fully accredited by the Northwest Commission on Colleges and Universities (NWCCU).