Undergraduate Program Civic Leadership Minor

Group of PSU Civic Leadership students in front of the Oregon State Capitol building

Civic Leadership Minor Overview

The interdisciplinary Civic Leadership minor provides students with theoretical understanding and practical experience associated with civic leadership and prepares students to be responsibly engaged, social justice-oriented citizens, and community leaders. Students who minor in civic leadership must complete core and elective courses for a total of 34 credits (at least 20 of which must be taken in residence at PSU). Some of these courses have prerequisites, and students should read course descriptions in the current PSU Bulletin before registration. A 6-credit community-based civic leadership practicum is required as part of the minor. The practicum requirement may be fulfilled by the successful completion of a PSU Senior Capstone course -or- by an independently developed and pre-approved community-based learning experience.

All courses submitted to satisfy the requirements for a minor, whether taken at PSU or elsewhere, must be passed with a grade of "C" (2.00 GPA) or above. Courses taken under the undifferentiated grading option (pass/no pass) will not be accepted toward fulfilling department requirements.

Students are encouraged to take courses for the minor that complement their academic and community change interests and scholarly goals. Students considering a minor in civic leadership are strongly encouraged to consult with the Civic Leadership Minor Faculty Advisor, or the Hatfield School undergraduate advisor to create an instructional program that meets their needs.                 

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Civic Leadership Minor: Why PSU?

Portland State University has fostered unique Partnerships and Community Connections and is well-known for its focus on community service and engagement, and the Mark O. Hatfield School of Government is one of the best places to take advantage of the numerous community partnerships PSU has developed. Partnerships and cooperative arrangements exist within the Oregon University System (which includes Oregon State University, Oregon Health & Science University, University of Oregon, and more) as well as with multiple health, human service, community, and governmental agencies in Portland, across Oregon, and nationally.

Our faculty members and instructors are leading researchers and practitioners in the field of public administration. Their diverse array of expertise, experiences, and interests include local and regional government, public finance and law, nonprofit management, leadership, sustainability, health management and policy, natural resources policy, and much more. Faculty members continually practice and expand their skills through scholarship and service, and our students have the opportunity to work closely with these leaders in the classroom, through funded research, and technical assistance projects. 

The Hatfield School has earned a reputation as a producer of well-qualified and passionate alumni. You will be learning with committed students from a wide variety of fields and levels of experience, and networking with community organizations, professionals, and decision-makers.                   

What can I do with a minor in Civic Leadership?

The interdisciplinary Civic Leadership Minor provides students with theoretical understanding and practical experience associated with civic leadership and prepares students to be responsibly engaged, social justice-oriented citizens, and community leaders.                    

Featured Courses

  • PA 311U Introduction to Civic Engagement
  • PA 312U Foundations of Community Leadership
  • PA 415 Civic Leadership Integrative Seminar


  • PA 313U Fundamentals of Public Service
  • PA 412 Civic Engagement: The Role of Governing Institutions
  • PA 413 Civic Engagement: The Role of Individuals
  • PA 414 Civic Engagement: The Role of Social Institutions
  • PA 417 Ethical Leadership
  • CCJ 350U Ethical Leadership in Criminal Justice
  • Comm 313U Communication in Groups
  • ELP 318U Introduction to Educational Leadership in Public Schools
  • PS 318U Media, Opinion, and Voting
  • PS 325U Politics and the Legal Enforcement of Morals
  • PS 417 Interest Groups
  • PS 431 State and Local Politics
  • USP 350U Inclusive Engagement


Portland State University is fully accredited by the Northwest Commission on Colleges and Universities (NWCCU).