Undergraduate Program Criminology and Criminal Justice Online

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Criminology and Criminal Justice Online Bachelor's Degree and Minor Overview

Portland State University's bachelor’s degree in Criminology and Criminal Justice is a comprehensive study of crime, justice, crime prevention, and the factors that contribute to criminal behavior. Students can choose to complete their Criminology & Criminal Justice Bachelor’s degree either on-campus or through our fully online program.

The online program offers the same degree and same faculty, with the same focus on building student's knowledge and skills to be successful in leadership positions in a wide range of crime prevention and criminal justice-related careers.

At PSU’s Criminology and Criminal Justice online program, you are not an online student. You are a criminology and criminal justice student who learns online.

Degree Details

Criminology and Criminal Justice Online Bachelor's Degree or Minor: Why PSU?

Our program was one of the first fully online criminology and criminal justice bachelor's degree programs in the United States. Continues to thrive because it was designed around students first, with a commitment to providing all the tools students need to be successful - without ever stepping a foot on campus.

In Criminology and Criminal Justice Online, you:

  • Can make your classes into your schedule because there are no requirements to log in during specific hours.
  • Get one-on-one support from your academic advisor, who helps you select courses and regularly checks in on your progress.
  • Never have to come to campus because we connect you with all you need online.
  • Can move through your classes more quickly with our five-week course schedules.
  • Get specialized tech support from a highly-trained CCJ staff member who knows each course, instructor, and assignment.
  • Have a guaranteed spot in each course we offer so you never have to put off your plans because a CCJ Online course is too full.

What can I do with a Bachelor's degree or minor in Criminology and Criminal Justice?

Our criminology and criminal justice degree foster skills that are sought after in the field and that drive hiring and promotion decisions.

Career opportunities can span from politics to business, investigations, law enforcement agencies, nonprofit leadership, and beyond. Apply your knowledge and skillset to become a leader in whatever area you choose.

Jobs in criminology and criminal justice include police officers, deputies, probation/parole officers, correctional officers, private security, prosecutors, defense attorneys, judges, magistrates and legal assistants, victim advocates, case managers, federal law enforcement, policy, and crime analysts.

Featured Courses

  • CCJ 300 Criminology and Criminal Justice
  • CCJ 301 Policing in America
  • CCJ 303 Punishment and Corrections
  • CCJ 310 American Courts
  • CCJ 320U Theories of Crime & Justice
  • CCJ 330U Crime Control Strategies
  • CCJ 340 Crime Analysis
  • CCJ 380 Criminal Justice Research
  • CCJ 420 Criminal Law and Legal Reasoning


  • CCJ 370 Women, Crime, and Justice
  • CCJ 399 Race and Criminal Justice
  • CCJ 399 Criminal Justice Ethics Seminar
  • CCJ 305 Juvenile Justice Reform
  • CCJ 390 Crimes of the Powerful
  • CCJ 485 Offender Rehabilitation
  • CCJ 410 Courts, Prosecution, and Justice
  • CCJ 410 Correlates of Criminal Behavior
  • CCJ 410 Geographic Criminology
  • CCJ 410 Applied Crime Mapping
  • CCJ 410 Geographic Criminology
  • CCJ 435 Crime, Grime, and Fear


Portland State University is fully accredited by the Northwest Commission on Colleges and Universities (NWCCU).