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Criminology and Criminal Justice Postbaccalaureate Certificate Overview

Our Postbaccalaureate Certificate in Criminology & Criminal Justice is designed to complement your existing bachelor’s degree regardless of whether you have a background in criminal justice. The Postbaccalaureate certificate will provide you with the knowledge and skills that support a career change or career advancement in the fields of criminology, criminal justice, law enforcement, public policy, and more. In this certificate program, you’ll study crime and address the factors that increase crime as well as prevent it. Learn to analyze crime using data, theory, and research to develop prevention measures and better crime control strategies.

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Criminology and Criminal Justice Postbaccalaureate Certificate: Why PSU?

Designed for both working and aspiring criminal justice professionals, this certificate from Portland State's nationally renowned criminal justice and criminology program enables you to develop cutting-edge skills that expand your career horizons in the protective services and legal professions.

What can I do with a postbaccalaureate certificate in Criminology and Criminal Justice?

Whether you're new to the field of criminal justice, or an experienced professional seeking to update or expand your knowledge, the online post-bac Criminology and Criminal Justice certificate offer a practical pathway to career development.

Jobs in the criminology and criminal justice include police officers, deputies, probation/parole officers, correctional officers, private security, prosecutors, defense attorneys, judges, magistrates and legal assistants, victim advocates, case managers, federal law enforcement, policy, and crime analysts.

Featured Courses

  • CCJ 300 Criminology and Criminal Justice
  • CCJ 320 Theories of Crime and Justice
  • CCJ 330 Crime Control Strategies
  • CCJ 380 Criminal Justice Research
  • CCJ 420 Criminal Law and Legal Reasoning


  • CCJ 301 Policing in America
  • CCJ 303 Punishment and Corrections
  • CCJ 310 American Courts


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