Undergraduate Program International and Global Studies

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Global Studies Bachelor's Degree and Certificate Overview

The Global Studies major provides both a global perspective and a deep understanding of major themes and events in global affairs. Under the guidance of expert faculty and advisors, students develop an understanding of world cultures, societies, media, and politics within the framework of globalization. Whether going on to graduate school, or a career in the U.S. or abroad, graduates are well-equipped to address global issues of social justice and equity, civil, labor, and gender protections, environmental change, sovereignty, peaceful alternatives to conflict, and explore ways to make a difference in the world.

We also offer a Minor in Global Studies, adding an international dimension to any degree.

Degree Details

International Global Studies Bachelor's Degree or Certificate: Why PSU?

Choose PSU’s Global Studies major if you’re looking for:

  • Exceptional faculty. Our classes are taught by experts from various humanities and social science disciplines whose research, teaching, and lived experience is grounded internationally.
  • Exciting, cutting-edge courses. Our course offerings cover topics such as globalization, migration, global health, global security, and international media.
  • An interdisciplinary degree. We offer a flexible interdisciplinary curriculum that can be tailored to your goals and interests.
  • Personalized Advising. Professional and faculty advisors are available to support your learning goals and guide you to new opportunities.
  • Study Abroad Opportunities. You can enhance your learning by enrolling in any of the 200 credit-bearing international opportunities offered through PSU Education Abroad.

Our diverse campus is located in the center of downtown Portland, one of the most vibrant cities on the West Coast.

What can I do with a bachelor's degree or certificate in International and Global Studies?

A degree in Global Studies prepares students for a wide range of careers in the nonprofit, private, and government sectors. Graduates of our program have found opportunities all over the world in:

  • Graduate programs in International Affairs, Business, Political Science, Urban Studies, Public Health, etc.
  • Private-sector employers, including international businesses 
  • Aid organizations such as the International Red Cross
  • Nonprofits focused on issues ranging from health to education, food systems, gender rights, sustainability, and more
  • Business incubators and trade organizations
  • Government agencies and grassroots organizations, with a focus on international affairs
  • Journalism and media organizations

Whether you want to pursue a career overseas, work in the United States, or prepare for a graduate degree, take the first step with Portland State University’s Global Studies program.

Featured Courses

  • INTL 201 Introduction to International Studies
  • INTL 317 Topics in Asian Thought
  • INTL 331 Women in the Middle East
  • INTL 391 Media and International Relations
  • INTL 332 Islamic Movements
  • INTL 342 Globalization and Conflict in Latin America
  • INTL 350 The City in Europe
  • INTL 360 Bollywood: South Asia Through Cinema
  • INTL 365 Digital Globalization
  • INTL 470 International Leadership and Change
  • INTL 380 Globalization, Representation and Difference in Media
  • and Film
  • INTL 390 Foundations of Global Studies
  • INTL 396 US and the World
  • INTL 397 Theory & Policy in International Development
  • INTL 471 Understanding the International Experience


  • INTL 317 Topics in Asian Thought
  • INTL 331 Women in the Middle East
  • INTL 332 Islamic Movements
  • INTL 341U Environment and Development in Latin America
  • INTL 343U Commodity Chains: From Silver to Cocaine
  • INTL 349 Gender and Development
  • INTL 350 The City in Europe
  • INTL 365 Digital Globalization
  • INTL 364 Modern Brazil
  • INTL 370 International Leadership and Change
  • INTL 391 Media and International Relations
  • INTL 490 Global Sustainable Development


Portland State University is fully accredited by the Northwest Commission on Colleges and Universities (NWCCU).