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Professor Jennifer Allen in the Forest

Scholars, Practitioners, and Teachers

A nationally-recognized housing policy expert. A government relations consultant who works with the United Nations and the World Bank. A police bureau veteran dedicated to finding solutions for the city's homeless. Oregon's former State Economist. These are just a handful of the individuals who comprise CUPA's impressive faculty roster.  

CUPA’s nationally-recognized faculty members work with staff to provide a supportive, rigorous, and collaborative learning environment for students. They are motivated by PSU’s commitment to serving the community and enjoy seeing their work make an impact in the real world. This enthusiasm is reflected in CUPA students, who engage in impactful research and internships. Many of our faculty members are considered leaders in their respective fields and are often called upon to serve as advisors, keynote speakers, and panelists. Most importantly, they are committed to sharing their knowledge with the next generation of scholars.