Feminist Leadership Education


About the Feminist Leadership Program & Cohort

Each academic year from, the WRC proudly offers a year-long feminist leadership learning community, called the Leadership Cohort. The Leadership Cohort aims to help feminist leaders develop language and tools to disrupt systems of oppression within themselves, their communities, and the institutions they are a part of and will be part of in the future. 

The Leadership Cohort curriculum is designed by us, with our values and politics in mind. This year, our leaders will engage with topics including but not limited to Fat Justice, Disability Justice, Queer Black Feminisms, Anti-violence movement (history & practices), Systems of Oppression, Emotionally Intelligent Leadership, and Transformative Feminist Leadership. We engage with these and other topics through a values set that includes a commitment to anti-violence in all its forms, resilience, persistence, interdependence, honoring all ways of knowing, reducing barriers, and self-determination. Our feminism is not just conceptual. We offer frameworks that will allow our leaders to develop skills to carry forward through the rest of their lives. 

WRC’s Feminist Leadership Values

  • Undoing patriarchal violence and all forms of violence: white supremacy, heteronormativity, homophobia, transphobia, and more
  • Honoring ideologies rooted in Black & indigenous queer, trans, and women’s activism, theory, and work
  • Feminist leadership 
  • Nourishment of ourselves at every level
  • Self-determination
  • Autonomy
  • Resilience
  • Persistence
  • Honoring all ways of knowing
  • Interconnection, interdependence
  • People-first, people-centered
  • Reducing barriers
  • Celebration, joy, and a culture of appreciation

Key learning objectives of our yearlong cohort experience: 

  • Foundational feminist theory/history/practice
  • Foundational concepts regarding systems of oppression, anti-oppression frameworks, and tools/strategies. 
  • Understanding and confidence in practicing multi-faceted leadership concept and tools 
  • An understanding and commitment to: 
    • Leadership development and personal development 
    • Practical and applicable self-reflection tools and strategies
    • Accountability 
    • Community Engagement
    • Vulnerability 
    • Resiliency 

Culminating Leadership Projects: 

Through a creative medium of your choice, develop a project that demonstrates how you have explored, challenged, sat with, come to understand this question: 

“What does leadership mean to you?”. 


Join the Leadership Cohort

Our Leadership applications are currently closed for the 20-21 academic year. We will be reopening leadership applications soon. Sign up for our newsletter to get the most up-to-date information on when our leadership opportunities will open up again! Find more information about the Leadership Cohort roles listed below.

Planning Team Member, Trans Womxn’s Community Project

Planning Team Member, Feminist of Color Community Project

Team Member, Feminist Engagement & Outreach Team

Mentor, Peer Mentorship Project

Team Member, Student Support Specialist Team

Advisory Board Member, WRC Advisory Board