Mission & Values

Our Mission

The Women's Resource Center advocates for the best educational and campus experience for all members of our community. We accomplish this by advancing social justice, ensuring access to personal empowerment for students of all genders, and by working toward a safe and healthy campus.

We work to uphold the following Feminist Values:

Social Justice

We are committed to an ethic of inclusiveness, accessibility, and diversity. We promote equity and social change through nonviolent activism.


We accept responsibility to support each student's path toward realizing their leadership capacities for social change. In support of this goal, we work with the Social Change Model of Leadership Development which incorporates the development of individual values, group values, and societal values. Through this model, students increase awareness of themselves and their role in society.


We are committed to working in praxis, the integration of theory and practice. We will assess and evaluate our activities remaining responsive to the needs of the community, and the theories and values which guide our work.


We work in service to students within a large organizational and urban context. We work to consider the impact of our actions on all stakeholders, to seek many perspectives in decision making, and to build respectful relationships with students, colleagues, and community members. When controversy arises, we welcome the opportunity to address it compassionately and explore other perspectives open-mindedly while maintaining our integrity and core values.


We value the active participation of each member of our community. We foster this by building a safe, violence-free, sustainable space in which people can know that they matter, hold each other accountable, develop skills, and celebrate together.