Non-discrimination Policy

Grievances with Staff or Volunteers

The Women’s Resource Center strives to respond to issues with respect, timeliness, and caring.  When possible, the Women’s Resource Center encourages you to communicate your concerns directly with the individual. If you feel unsafe or are unable to voice your concerns directly with the individual, please speak with their supervisor. 




Dean of Student Life

Assistant Director


Sexual & Relationship Violence Response Advocate


Student Coordinators

Assistant Director


Assistant Director

The supervisor will work with you and the volunteer/staff member towards mutual understanding and resolution. All parties are encouraged to:

  • Be open to the other’s point of view.
  • Criticize acts or ideas and not people.
  • View constructive criticism as an opportunity for growth and understanding.
  • Assume best intentions.
  • Ask themselves what it is they may not yet know about the situation: motivations, history, and background.
  • Be clear, straightforward and concrete in their communication.
  • Work towards understanding and communication.

The Center does not have a formal grievance or disciplinary procedure within the department.  If you feel that a formal institutional response must be taken or you need support outside of the Women’s Resource Center, please contact one of the Portland State resources listed below.

Office of the Dean of Student Life   | 503-725-4422 |

Conflict Resolution Resource Center | 503-725-CRRC (2772) |

Trained Conflict Resolution graduate students and faculty advisors offer free and productive strategies for students facing interpersonal conflict.  Individual conflict coaching, mediation, conflict resolution training, and meeting facilitation to the campus community.

WRC Advisory Board Organization and By-laws

  • Article I. Name:  Portland State University Women’s Resource Center Advisory Board
  • Article II. Mission:  The Women’s Resource Center Advisory Board provides advice, ideas, and energy to the work of the Women’s Resource Center, Supporting and sustaining their mission through long term vision and planning.
  • Article III.  Grievances:  Any grievances shall be managed through standard Women’s Resource Center policies as stated in the WRC Constitution.
  • Article IV. Organizational Structure
    • Section 1. The board is advisory, not supervisory.  The Center Coordinator is supervised by the dean of students.
    • Section 2. The Board consists of seven regular members: one alumni, three students, and three staff or faculty members, and two ex-officio members: The WRC Coordinator, and the Dean of Students.
    • Section 3.  There will be one member who acts as chair and works in conjunction with the coordinator to convene and facilitate meetings, plan agendas, and keep minutes.  For a full list of Member Chair’s duties, see addendum one.
    • Section 4. Members serve for one two-year term on a staggered basis to ensure continuity.  Members may serve consecutive terms.
    • Section 5. Members are appointed by the existing members from a list of nominees and applicants. The board publicly solicits applications from the University community.  Applications shall be sought in such a way as to provide an adequate pool of faculty, staff, and student candidates. Qualifications for Board service shall include an interest and concern in achieving the purpose and goals of the WRC and a willingness and the time to meet and work for the Board.  Selection of members is made during the Spring Term preceding the academic year in which service on the Commission starts.  Positions which become vacant will be filled from the most current list of nominees or other members of the University community as approved by the Board.
    • Section 6.  The Board meets monthly throughout the September to June academic year with some flexibility during the summer months.
    • Section 7.  A member will be selected to take minutes at each meeting, and minutes for each meeting will be approved at the following meeting.
    • Section 8.  All reasonable efforts will be made to reach consensus; when this is deemed not possible, the WRC shall seek a 2/3 majority vote.
    • Section 9. A quorum shall consist of four of the members of the Board, excluding standing ex-officio members.
  • Article V. Activities and Responsibilities of Members
    • Section 1. Members attend scheduled Board meetings.  Since the Board functions on the input and skills of every member, it is vital to the team that meetings are attended.   Missing more than two consecutive meetings or a total of four meetings during one year would be cause for a member to review her/his commitment to the Board.  A leave of absence on an academic term basis sabbaticals and voluntary resignation are acceptable and understandable considering busy schedules and changes in availability
  • Article VII. By-laws
    • Section 1. The by-laws may be amended by previously stated decision making processes at the WRCAB meeting following the meeting at which the amendment was proposed.  Bylaws must remain in accordance with the WRC Constitution

November, 2004
Women’s Resource Center Advisory Board

  • Addendum I. Position Description - Member Chair: Work closely with WRC Coordinator and Board Members to:
    • Convene Meetings
      • Ensure that board meets regularly, coordinate time and location
      • Facilitate discussions and decision making as needed
    • Maintain records
      •  Meeting minutes, decisions, commitments, attendance, and goals
    • Maintain Member Roster
    • Oversee New Member Recruitment